Sunday, January 4, 2015

Polar Bears

Polar bears! Polar bears!  Let's learn about polar bears!!!

I have just completed a nonfiction polar bear unit!  It is complete with loads of visuals, activities, and printables.  The unit includes cute graphics and real life images.

 This unit would be perfect for some of my advanced firsties and great for a second, even third grade classroom.  I took some pictures of the unit.  However, I am embarrassed because the photography is awful and taken with my phone on our kitchen table.  Yikes!  Here goes......

Vocabulary Match-Up activity with recording sheets.

Posters and activities for research and writing!

Nonfiction Reader and so much more!

 I am hoping to use this with my first grade RTI group that needs much challenging.  I think this will be a great project for us to do.  Especially with all this cold weather.  Brrrr!  Plus, who doesn't love to study polar bears?!?!  They are fascinating animals. 

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