Monday, October 28, 2013

Many Changes and New Creations

It has been a very long time since I have blogged.  I mean a ridiculous 2 months!!!!  I know, totally uncalled for and I should be totally ashamed of myself.  There is a reason behind this procrastination.  Many new developments have come about and some major changes are about to happen in my life, for the better!

I struggled through the last school year.  It was a great year, but a very exhausting one.  My husband has been deployed and I have been teaching 2nd grade and raising my beautiful girls alone.  I had a very successful school year, but it was so stressful.  I started this school year alone too.  My husband is in South Korea and I was going to conquer another solo school year while also building our new, forever home in Indiana.  Well, lets just say God has other plans for the Bryant family.  Turns out my husband won't be retiring the end of the school year and I have had enough of us being apart.  Our little princesses miss Daddy too.  We are relocating to South Korea after Christmas, sometime in January!!!  Time to be together.  Needless to say, I have resigned from my position and now I am focusing on the GIANT list of To Do's that have to be accomplished ASAP.  I am so excited to be joining my husband!    We lived in South Korea in 2004 and I am anxious to go back and expose my girls to an awesome and friendly culture.

Along with my list of To Do's, resigning has freed up a little time for TPT creations.  I have had so many creations in folders on my computer just waiting for some love.  How many of you have the same type of folder, the "Give Me Some Love" folder?  Fortunately, I knocked out a few products these last two weeks and so proud of them.

The first is my Life Science Unit on Animals:


I also finished a great collection of Short and Long Vowel Flapbooks:

Can't wait to see what else I can knock out of that "Give Me Some Love" folder!  Have some sweet dreams blogging friends.  It is nice to be back!