Saturday, June 22, 2013

Getting Ready for Next Year! Polka Dots, Polka Dots and a FREEBIE!!!!

I love summer!  I also love the excitement of planning for the next school year.  I have been teaching for 9 years now and have changed my classroom theme/decor every year.  I have decided this IS THE LAST TIME!  I repeat....LAST TIME!  This year I am going all out and getting it right.  I am decorating with polka dots plus a little splash of chevron and Scrappin Doodles & Melonheadz kids.  Lets hope this turns out the way I have been anticipating!  Fingers are crossed!

I have been working hard and having fun shopping and designing things for my room.  
First, Here are some of my new creations...

My new table numbers!  I plan to cut them out and put the table number on one side of black card stock with the matching color or day of the week on the back, laminate, and hang above my tables.  The day of the week indicates which day that table may shop the classroom library.

My newly designed Daily 5 posters that also come with smaller choice cards for a pocket chart and my new CAFE headers.  I couldn't decide between polka dots or chevron, so I made both and plan to either mix and match or choose just one later.

My new and adorable punctuation posters!  Love those Melonheadz kids!

You can pick up all of the above items at my TPT store by clicking on my TPT button, if you plan to go the polka dot route too:)  You can pick up these extremely cute posters below for FREE at my store!!!!!  Enjoy friends!

Now for some of my shopping finds!  Picking out a theme and then shopping for items has to be one of the most exciting things for a teacher.  Am I alone here?!?  I mean how exciting is it to hunt for those perfect purchases that will absolutely make the perfect classroom!  It is so FUN!!!!!!  Here are some of my finds!

Bulletin board fabrics from Hobby Lobby.

Polka dot buckets from Gordmans.  LOVE these!

Lamp from Hobby Lobby(on clearance!) and other random buckets from Michaels and Gordmans.

This and that...

Polka dot kid recliners!!!!  Okay, so this picture and the angle in which I took it makes them look like Barbie chairs, but that are actually the perfect size for my 2nd graders.  I am a horrible photographer!

So, there it is!  Can't wait to put it all together!  Hope you are enjoying your summer and all the planning for next year!  I will be starting to put my classroom together next week.  Sounds crazy, but my husband returns from his deployment soon.  He will be here for about 20 days and then deploys again for an entire year.  This lady wants to have as much school work done before he arrives, so my girls and I can enjoy time with Daddy.

And finally, can you relate?!?!?!?!?


  1. I LOVE your finds! How funny, I am also a 2nd grade teacher and am also doing the chevron/polka dot theme! It is SO fun finding treasures for my room!

    Teaching's a Hoot!

  2. Shopping at the beginning of the year is my favorite part of back to school! I feel like I have hit that jackpot when I find that just right item. Love it! Good luck to you this year! I hope you have a great one! I took some pics of my room today, so plan to share them on my blog soon. I am going to hop over and check out your blog. Thanks for following me!

    Amanda Bryant