Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas in the Classroom

I love exploring blogs and seeing how other classrooms celebrate the holidays!  I've seen so many great projects and love getting ideas from all the amazing teachers and teacher authors out there!  So my question is, what do you do for the holidays in your classroom?  Please share!

I do many things in the classroom during Christmas, but a few little projects stand out.  I always do gingerbread houses (with graham crackers and milk cartons from the cafeteria) and a book exchange.  Here is a look at the gingerbread house making.

I even have some activities to complete after we make the houses!

I love doing a book exchange instead of doing gifts such as toys.  I send home book plates for the students to place inside the books they are giving to a classmate.  Boys get a new book for a boy and girls for a girl, never to exceed $5.00.  This is easy with Scholastic orders and I always have books on hand just in case.

I also make candy cane mice to hang on our class tree.  The kids adore this project:)

Finally, we make ornaments with our fingers.  Have students grip the ornament with white acrylic paint on their fingers.  When they are dry give them different colored permanent markers and have them turn their finger prints into snowmen.  I attach gift tags to the ornaments and you can snatch them up for free!  Just click here!

Share your little projects too!  I would love to see them and hear about them!