Sunday, September 1, 2013

Up too late!!!

It is entirely too late and I am constantly complaining about not getting enough sleep, but I have been trying to finish up my new short vowel product for TpT and I was determined to get it all done before resting my head.  I am sure all you TpT creators know just where I am coming from!!!  Am I correct?  We have been reviewing short vowels in my classroom and I just created this super fun product to use next week.  

Each vowel comes with a slider...

A place for writing down the slider words and a passage about what is on the slider for kiddos to highlight the short vowel words...

A short vowel word search...

and an answer key...

Plus, I created a short vowel flipbook!

and a short vowel word sort!!!!

Click HERE if you would like to visit this product at my TpT store.  Okay, I am going to sleep now.  Mission accomplished!  Sweet dreams!

One last thing!!!!  I have a Daily 5 freebie for you since you stopped by to give me some love.

Click the picture below for this Daily 5 Word Search!

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