Monday, April 7, 2014

Autism Awareness

It is National Autism Awareness Month and you can help make a difference!  I am so very excited to share this information with you and NEED your help!  I have worked really hard with my friend, who has a son with autism, to create a positive and kid friendly unit to present to the elementary classroom.  This unit is designed to raise awareness to all students, so that they may see autism in another light and understand it so much better.  This unit gives kids with autism a voice.  

Here is a look at what you can purchase to make a difference by informing your students and making a donation.  All of this can be done with just a $4.00 purchase!

Here is a close up of the mini book that is included in this unit.  It is my favorite part!!!  Couper is my best friend's son.  I was so happy to use him in the story.

I promise this unit will make an impact in your classroom!  You get to spread awareness and donate to Generation Rescue, just by visiting my store and placing this unit in your shopping cart.  That's it!  Easy! Fun! Educational! Beneficial!  Provide a voice for autism!  Click HERE to do your part in raising awareness for national autism awareness month.  Thanks for stopping by and happy spring!


  1. Hi!
    I saw your name along with mine on the TPT blog for products for Autism Awareness Month. I don't think I've ever been featured in the blog, so this is super exciting to me! I created a little something for pinterest to link to the blog, and I wanted to share. (This is my personal FB page, but my TPT one is Pritchett's Printables)

    1. Thank you!!!! Congrats to you too!! It is my first time as well!!!! I was thrilled! I have become a follower and I will check out your links:) I am using the earnings for my unit to give to Generation Rescue! I have some big bucks to raise. I have partnered up with them and they have challenged me in a big way! If you have any great promotion ideas, please share!


  2. I love this resource. I shared it on my blog, Thank you so much fore creating this!