Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School Communication Folders

Today is my last day of summer vacation.  Tomorrow it is back to work!  Kicking off the year with a teacher work day and back to school night.  I am overwhelmed with excitement and some anxiety.  I have those feelings of feeling prepped and ready, but not really at the same time.  I am sure you know what I am talking about.  I keep thinking of things I need to do and worry, worry, worry!  I don't think those feeling ever go away no matter how experienced you are.

This year is extra stressful!  We just moved back to Indiana from Korea.  I only have about ten boxes of teaching materials to kick off the year.  Those boxes are essentials only!  It costs a fortune to mail things from Korea.  I think I paid for everything in those boxes three times over just to get them here.  I have no classroom library, no math manipulatives, just essential files and decor.  The rest of my 40 totes will arrive a week and a half after school starts!  STRESS!  I will be getting my room ready while the year has started.  I don't see myself sleeping in the month of August/September.  In addition, we are buying and moving into a house the end of the month and my household goods/furniture/pretty much everything else I own will be arriving in Septemberish...... I am freaking out!

This year is also extra special!  My oldest is starting Kindergarten and she couldn't be more excited.  We had a Mommy & Ashlyn day yesterday and we B2S shopped until we dropped.  It was so fun to have alone time with this peanut.  Now, my youngest is going to be 3 in September.  Don't let that darling little face fool you......TERRIBLE TWOS IN FULL EFFECT!  Wow, she keeps me on my toes.  Love that little sugar bear to pieces!!!!

Now for some B2S talk.  I always use communication folders in my classroom.  This year I made Polka D.O.T. Folders (Daily Organizational Tool) that will go to and from school every day.  I order my folders from Nicky's Folders.

The folders look like this and they are perfect in every way.  There is a clear view pocket in the front and the back for sliding in pages and the inside has a "Return to School" and "Keep at Home" pocket.

I create my papers and slide them into the front and back of the folder.  Here is a picture of the folder I am using this year.

This folder style can be snatched up at my TpT store along with the folder styles I have used in the past.  I absolutely love them and LOVE that they keep me, my students, and my parents so informed and organized!
Here are some examples of my other folders also available in my store:

More Polka D.O.T. styles...


The S.H.A.R.K Folder above was the first set I ever made and has been very popular at my store.  It was actually the first product I put on TpT and has remained my number one seller.  I used to have a beach theme and have switched to polka dots and chevron, but I do miss these folders.  

If there is anyone else starting up their year in the morning, GOOD LUCK!  For the rest of you with some time to spare....LIVE IT UP!!!!

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  1. I used Nicky's Folders again this year, I chose the metallic purple but now I really like how the black looks! I was looking at your inserts for the folder you used this year and I love the polka dot background with the chalk dots, do you mind sharing where you found that digital paper at? I'm a clip art addict!