Thursday, February 13, 2014

President's Day Activities

Presidents Day is coming soon!  Do you have activities planned for the week?  I have a fun President's Day Pack you can do to get everyone involved.  Children in your room can learn fun and interesting facts about the presidents and display the facts with art to accompany the fun facts they are learning.  Also included is an ABC sort.  I love this activity!  It gets all students involved and some of the facts will surely make them giggle.  Fun for lower and upper grades!

Not the best picture, but I think you get a good idea.  Students will draw a picture to go with the president fact they receive.  The students will then glue down a picture of the president, their art, and fact onto the templates provided.

I hope some of you were lucky enough to get President's Day off!  Enjoy the extended weekend.  I know some schools have to go on President's Day to make up snow days.  I hope this isn't happening to you!  Happy weekend!

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