Friday, December 13, 2013

Joys of Christmas & Shoppin' for Shapes

I am a proud mommy right now, so I am posting to show off my beautiful babies.  Last night my daughter had her preschool Christmas program.  It was so fun getting her dressed up and of course, little Sis had to have a matching dress and get dolled up too.  Girls are so much fun!

My oldest, Ashlyn

Little Sis Lainey

Ta da!  All ready to go!

Watching Big Sis perform and she was great!
I know all of these fun times will go by fast.  We have to cherish them while we can because they won't be little like this forever.

On another note, here is a new creation!  Love those Melonheadz kidlettes!
Hope you are enjoying all the events leading up to Christmas!

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