Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week #3: Make Your Masterpiece

This was a motivating week!  Making a TpT product is no joke and anyone who creates knows that when you start something it isn't just a small project, but a HUGE process!  From start to finish, it is a major process.  Do I love the process?  OH YESSSSSSS!!!! 
I discovered some awesome graphics from I Teach What's Your Super Power and knew I wanted to incorporate them into my masterpiece.  I decided to go with a punctuation pack and this is what I came up with:

This Positively Punctuation Pack comes with 9 posters and cute activities to engage students and provide practice in using punctuation. Activities include clip-its, sorts, flapbooks, and spinners.   Here is a closer look!

Thanks again to the wonderful ladies who have organized this challenge!


  1. These look great, Amanda! As a sixth grade teacher, I'm still amazed at how often I need to go over these basic skills. Not sure when the learning finally sticks! Nicely done!

  2. Very cute and perfect for back to school! I love the interactive elements. :)

  3. Love your masterpiece! I'm pinning this on my back to school board.
    Mrs. Tretbar's Library

  4. So cute!! Can I make a suggestion? Maybe link one of your images or have a direct link in your blog post to the product in your TpT store! That way it is easy for people to hop over to TpT and check it out ;)

    A Pinch of Kinder

  5. I love all of your challenge posts! Where are the challenges coming from?
    I am new to blogging - check me out at: http://themountainteacher.blogspot.com/