Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life in South Korea

My family has been on a BIG adventure and this new adventure continues to fit perfectly with my blog title, "A Traveled Teacher."  My family just arrived in South Korea on the 15th.  We have been exploring and having a blast!  We've had to live apart from Daddy for the last two years because of deployments.  We are SO VERY happy to be together again and loving the culture.

The flight here was brutal!  We jumped onto a total of 4 planes for a total of 18 hours on the planes and well over 10 hours of layovers.  This was all done with a two and five year old.  Although, I will have to admit, they were troopers!!!  They may have very well handled it better than Mom and Dad.

The trip to South Korea inspired my next product.  I worked hard on this product throughout the trip and while settling into our new home sweet home.  I am still working hard on this product.  It is a big one, but I wanted to give you a peak.  I am hoping to be done soon.

This product is going to be a huge collection of activities to do on a total of 18 different countries!  In addition to the individual country activities there is a center activity and word search.  Here is my product cover!

I completed the South Korea portion first!  Here is an example of what you get for each country!  Wow!  I love it!  I imagine this would be great as a research project for the class.  Each student could research a different country using all of these resources!

The center activity is matching the countries to the correct continent.  I can't wait to have a completed product and get it up at my store.  I hope everyone is keeping warm.  Happy weekend!


  1. Wow, Amanda, great job! That must have taken a huge amount of time.
    I appreciate all the details and the exquisite touches you put on everything.
    I don't have that "artistic eye" that I see so many other teachers do.
    I just love the colors, combinations, and of course, content.
    Do you do your own artwork, too?
    I'm a Resource Teacher (Special Ed) and work with K-5 students in Detroit, Mi.
    Without looking all the way through everything, is there something you might like
    to recommend for me? I usually stick with pretty narrow (Common Core) goals in
    reading and writing, not all content areas. (But I did love the Social Studies pkg.)
    You're a very talented person, keep up the beautiful work!
    Also, please feel free to email me if lose this blog:
    Have a wonderful day,
    Kris P.

  2. Kris,

    Thank you so much! I am shooting you an email!