Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jan Brett's "The Easter Egg" & Spring Break

Two more days until glorious spring break!  I am READY!  The kids are ready!  How many of you are on break now or are like me and counting down the days to some relaxation?  My kiddos are in need of a major break from one another.  The tattling and the bickering is insane!  Love them, but I am so ready to load up the family, hit the road and visit my friends on the east coast.

I was trying to think of something new and fun to do with the class that was educational and springy.  I love Jan Brett and her book, The Easter Egg is so adorable and so beautifully illustrated.  I decided to whip up some activities to do with her story.  We will be doing them the next couple days.  Maybe you are like me and you just need a change of pace.  You can pick them up at my TPT store.  Here they are!  Love them and can't wait to use them.

For those of you on spring break, I am beyond jealous.  For those of you just hanging on, bless you!  Hang in there!

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