Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back to Germany & Math Labels

My husband is in the Air Force and we spent the first 4 years of our marriage overseas, 1 year in South Korea and 3 years in Germany.  I was fortunate enough during this time to be able to teach on the military bases for the Department of Defense.  Many memories were made at these two schools.  I taught amazing military children and taught with the best of the best.  College can never really prepare you for what teaching is really all about.  Teaching is an art and it takes experience to truly grow into an ultimate educator, even for those of us that are born with the natural gift to enrich children.

Purdue University ROCKS!!!  There is no denying that fact, but I owe a majority of my teaching knowledge and skills to those I have taught with and those who have ultimately shaped me into the educator that I am today.  In Germany I taught in a multi-age primary center with two of the most amazing and dedicated woman I have ever met.  Jo-Ann and Lydia are masters in the classroom.  I am blessed to have had them as mentors and they are my inspiration.  Thank you for making me into the teacher I am today!

One of the great practices we used in the Primary Center was Friday "Math Lab".  Every Friday we had parents and student helpers come into our classrooms to assist primary students in math center type activities that were hands on and standards based.  Each center covered a different area of math content.  It was a genius program and allowed children to be exposed to all areas of math throughout the year.  Many math programs only touch on standards here and there.  Math Lab allowed for full exposure year round.

I currently just made new math labels for "math lab" or math centers.  I also made a recording sheet to accompany the labels which can be used for teacher comments or for teachers to initial as students complete a center.  You can see them here and grab them up at my TPT store.

I am super excited to use these labels in my room!  I hope you like them.  Enjoy your evening friends!  

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